Breakfast Bundle $35.00

1lb of bacon+1lb of breakfast links+1 ground sausage+ 2 18 packs of eggs

Favorites Sampler $45.00

1lb of ground beef+ 1lb of boneless chicken breast+1 block of cheese+1 dozen eggs + 1 pack of beef jerky

Fan Favorite $40.00

1 pack of chicken wings + 2lb of ground beef + 1 pack of sausage grillers (any flavor)+ 1 block of cheese + 1 pack of jerky

Griller Bundle $100.00

2 packs of Patties, 1 Ribeye, 1 New York, 1 T-Bone, 1 Filet, 1 pack of Bratwurst, and one pack of Italian Pork Sausage.

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